1-Day Course

Sangwangbong Peak Course 1

Walk past the first gate to Haeinsa Temple and head towards Yongtap Seonwon, and you will see hiking trail on the right side of Yongtap Seonwon. While crossing the Seonyugyo Bridge, walking along the wooden safety fences, and climbing the stairs, you’ll get the feeling of being part of nature. Diffe ...

Namsan Jeilbong Peak Course 2

The course besides Haeinsa Tourist Hotel is on a relatively gentle slope, so it’s easy for couples, families, and even elementary students to hike. There are many different species of trees line the path including ginger plants, Carpinus laxiflora, and pines which are most common in Gayasan Mountai ...

Namsanjeilbong Peak Course 1

After you pass Haeinsa IC, you will find yourself on a straight road heading towards Gayasan Mountain. Continue straight along this road until you pass Gaya-myeon and reach the entrance to Gayasan Mountain. Visitors who wish to tour Namsanjeilbong Peak should drive slowly while looking for the entra ...

Sangwangbong Peak Course 2

Sangwangbong Peak is also called the ‘Cow Head Peak’ because it’s shaped like the head of a cow, and also because it’s where people used place votive offerings to a sacred cow in a ritual dedicated to the mountain deity. The word ‘Sangwang’ is a Buddhist word meaning all Buddhas as described in a Bu ...