1-Day Course

Heuksando Course

About 2 hours by fast boat from Mokpo, Heuksando Island is located in the southwestern most corner of Korea. It earned the name ‘Heuksando’ (Black Island) because the ocean looks nearly black around. It’s a relatively big island with an area of 19.7㎢ and a total coast length of 41.8km. There is a 2 ...

Wando Bogildo Course

Bogildo Island has three beaches in Yesong-ri, Jung-ri, and Tong-ri. Among them, Yesong-ri Beach is regarded as the best. The harmony of black pebbles, blue ocean, and evergreen grove creates a beautiful sight. The sound of the black pebbles rolling under the waves is great at night, and the night s ...

Hongdo Course

About 2 hours 30 minutes by fast boat from Mokpo, Hongdo is a small island with a total area of 6.87㎢ that stretches 2.4km from east to west and 6.4km from north to south. The total length of the coast is 20.8km. The island is named ‘Hongdo’, or ‘Red Island’, because the whole island turns red at t ...

Goheung Singeum Beach Course

There are four beaches in Oenarodo Island, which can be reached by crossing the two bridges that connect from Goheung Peninsula to Naenarodo Island and Oenarodo Island. One of the beaches is in Singeum-ri, and it’s commonly called Narodo Beach. It’s a beautiful, gently sloped sandy beach with a wind ...

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