1-Day Course

Wando Bogildo Course
  • Travel Time : (Boat) 50 Minutes, (Bus) 10 Minutes
  • Distance : 30.4km
Bogildo Island has three beaches in Yesong-ri, Jung-ri, and Tong-ri. Among them, Yesong-ri Beach is regarded as the best. The harmony of black pebbles, blue ocean, and evergreen grove creates a beautiful sight. The sound of the black pebbles rolling under the waves is great at night, and the night scenery it creates with the light from Yejado Island across the beach is fantastic. The villagers call the evergreen grove in Yesong-ri ‘Jangnim’ (Long Grove) because it’s long, and hold a ritual to pray to the sea god on April 12 in the lunar calendar. On the Lunar New Year’s Day, they gather in front of the grove to hold a memorial service for the every dead people without a descendant to hold the ritual for them and pray for them to rest in peace.