1-Day Course

Jikso Waterfall Course
  • Travel Time : 40 minutes
  • Distance : 2.2km
From Buan-eup, take a city bus to the last stop in Saja-dong Village located about 24km away. During the 35-minute ride, you will pass through Useuljae where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountain. Go past the Naebyeonsan Hiking Support Center and read the signpost, and you’ll see that you’re 0.6km from Silsangsa Temple, 1km from Bonnaegugok, and 1.6km from Jikso Waterfall. It takes about 15 minutes from the Hiking Support Center to Bongnaegugok. Read the the Bongnaegugok Signpost, and you’ll see that you’re 0.3km from Nature Protection Pagoda and 1.2km from Jikso Waterfall. Take the trail at Jikso Waterfall if you want to return to the place of departure.