1-Day Course

Goheung Singeum Beach Course
  • Travel Time : 35 Minutes
  • Distance : 34km
There are four beaches in Oenarodo Island, which can be reached by crossing the two bridges that connect from Goheung Peninsula to Naenarodo Island and Oenarodo Island. One of the beaches is in Singeum-ri, and it’s commonly called Narodo Beach. It’s a beautiful, gently sloped sandy beach with a windbreak as a backdrop consisted of more than 300 big cone pine trees that are over 350 years old. Many people visit the beach in summer to relax and take in the breathtaking scenery.
Alongside the beach is another grove of more than 70 different species of evergreen trees including silver magnolia and camellia trees. The evergreen grove in Singeum-ri is designated as Natural Monument No. 362.