1-Day Course

Naebyeonsan Naesosa Course
  • Travel Time : 3 hours
  • Distance : 6.2 ㎞
From Buan-eup, go about 30 minutes on National Road No. 30 towards Byeonsan and Gyeokpo, and you will reach Byeonsan-myeon past Byeonsan Beach. From there, take Regional Road No. 736 straight towards Jiseo-ri and Namyeochi Control Center will come into view. Go past the center and Junggye Tunnel, and you’ll see a signpost pointing to Silsangsa Temple, Won-Buddhism Jebeop Sacred Area, and Wongwangseonwon. Turn right at the three-way intersection and you will see the Naebyeonsan Hiking Support Center.
From there, follow the stream for about 600 meters, and you will see Silsangsa Temple at the foot of Cheongwangbong Peak. Go about 5 more minutes along Jiksocheon Stream, and there will be a signpost that reads “Bongnaegugok”. Bongnaegugok refers to the nine beautiful sites including Daeso, Jikso Waterfall, Bunokdam, Seonnyeotang, Bongnaegok, Yeongji, Geumgangso, Baekcheon, and Amji. Above Bongnaegok is Seonnyeotang and then Jikso Waterfall Observatory located at the top of the stairs. From the observatory, you will see Bunokdam and Jikso Waterfall, which is about 30 meters high. From Jikso Waterfall, walk on the range trail that will take you to Daeso Three-Way Intersection. Cross the stepping stones and climb the steps stretching about 300 meters, and you will reach the top of Jaebaegi Pass. On top of Jaebaegi Pass, you’ll see that Gomsoman comes into clear view. If go to the right and go down for about 1.2km, and you will reach Wonam Control Center. But if you go to the left (East) from Jaebaegi Pass and travel 0.8km for about 40 minutes, you will see Gwaneumbong Three-Way Intersection. Go down south from there, and you will enter Naesosa.