1-Day Course

Naebyeonsan Namyeochi Course
  • Travel Time : 2 hours
  • Distance : 5.5 ㎞
Go past Byeonsan Beach, and you’ll reach Byeonsan-myeon. From there, take Regional Road No. 736 straight towards Jiseo-ri, and you will see Namyeochi Control Center in a distance. Past the place and Junggye Tunnel, and you’ll see a signpost that leads you to Silsangsa Temple, Won-Bulgyo Jebeop Seongji (Sacred Site of Won-Buddhism at Jebeop), and Wongwang Seonwon.
Turn right at the three-way intersection, and Naebyeonsan Hiking Support Center will come within view. Walk about 600 meters along the mountain stream, and you will see Silsangsa Temple located beneath Cheonwangbong Peak. Follow Jikso Stream for about 5 minutes, and you will see a signpost leading to “Bongnaegugok” on the right. Bongnaegugok refers to the nine beautiful sites including Jikso Waterfall, Bunokdam, Seonnyeotang, Bongnaegok, Yeongji, Geumgangso, Baekcheon, and Amji. Slightly above Bongnaegok is Nature Protection Pagoda Three-Way Intersection. Follow the signpost at Wolmyeongam Temple, and you’ll be hiking about one hour. Starting from Wolmyeongam, you can see most of the beautiful scenery of Naebyeonsan Mountain before calling it a day. The last hiking trail is very steep, so even experienced hikers must be cautious when coming down the mountain.