1-Day Course

Geumsan Mt. Course 1
  • Travel Time : 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Distance : 2.2㎞
Geumsan Course 1 runs from the Geumsan Hiking Support Center to the top of the mountain. The course is 2.2km long and takes about an hour and a half to complete by foot. There is a crossroads about 30m from the center on the way to the top. One road leads to the top of the mountain while another leads to the nature observation path. About 1.85km (70 minutes by foot) from this crossroads is Ssanghongmun, which is known for the tale of Buddha. And, it is said that if one throws a stone into one of the three holes on Saanghongmun, one’s wish will come true. The mountain top is passed the Ssanghongmun and Boriam Rock. The Geumsan Hiking Support Center has a parking lot, public restroom and naturally-made mineral spring. Though the Geumsan Course 1 is very short, climbers consume a lot of energy within a short period of time. As such, it is used as a training course for athletes.
As the course is covered with trees, there is not much sunlight, but there is a cool breeze. The autumn tints of the trees on the way to the mountain top are so attractive that many climbers stop to enjoy the scenery.
Climbers can observe numerous species of trees, including black pine trees, oriental oaks, Japanese oaks, Mongolian oaks, cherry trees, benzoins and Japanese tallow trees, while walking down the observation road.
At the mountain top, climbers are only allowed to walk around designated areas. Climbers are also prohibited from smoking, cooking, disposing of garbage in places other than the designated areas, and damaging the natural environment.