1-Day Course

Birobong Course
  • Travel Time : 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Distance : 7 ㎞
This mountain trail stretches between Sangwonsa Parking Lot and Birobong Peak. Along with the Three Sacred Mountains (Geumgangsan, Jirisan, and Hallasan), it’s regarded as one of the most sacred mountains in Korea. Odaesan Jeokmyeol Bogung is one of the five Buddhist temples with Sakyamuni’s sarira, namely Sangwonsa Temple in Odaesan Mountain, Beopheungsa Temple in Sajasan Mountain, Jeongamsa Temple in Taebaeksan Mountain, Tongdosa Temple in Yeongchwisan Mountain, and Bongjeongam Temple in Seoraksan Mountain. It’s a sacred ground of Buddhism containing the sarira of Sakyamuni, which was obtained by a Buddhist priest named Jajang Yulsa during the Silla period from Manjusri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom, while praying in Wutai Mountain, China.