2-Day Course

Jongju (Traversing) Course
  • Travel Time : 13 hours
  • Distance : 25.5㎞
The best hiking course of Jirisan Mountain is the traversing course.
The course, which stretches for 25.5km from Nogodan in the west to Cheongwangbong in the west, usually takes 2 nights and 3 days to cover. The usual “traversing course” refers to the course running from Hwaeomsa Temple to Nogodan, Yeonhacheon Stream, Byeoksoryeong Valley, Jangteomok Pass, and Cheonwangbong Peak, while the return course runs in the direction of Dawonsa Temple. However, most visitors prefer to take the hiking course from Seongsamjae Pass to Nogodan Peak, from where they pass over Cheonwangbong Peak and climb down to Jungsan-ri. Over a period of 2 nights and 3 days, visitors can spend one night at Byeoksoryeong Shelter or Yeonhacheon Shelter, and two nights at Jangteokmok Shelter, after which they can watch the sunrise at Cheonwangbong Peak before climbing down the mountain.
National Parks are closed to the general public at night. Jirisan National Park is opened to the general public 2 hours before sunrise, and closes 2 hours before sunset. Hikers are advised to carry emergency food, lanterns, extra clothing, drinking water, and a first aid kit. They should also wear mountaineering clothes and shoes. Traveling past Nogodan Shelter and following the ridgeline leading to Nogodan Peak (1507m), visitors will come to the highest peak of Jirisan Mountain, Cheonwangbong Peak (1915m), via the Byeoksoryeong ? Seseok ? Jangteomok Shelter route. The weather at Cheonwangbong Peak is so changeable that it is very difficult to see sunrise there. Hikers can climb down from Cheonwangbong Peak via Jungsanni (5.4Km) or Daewonsa Temple (13.7Km).
A lot of preparation is required to prevent accidents when opting for the traversing course.