1-Day Course

Bukhansanseong Course
  • Travel Time : 2 hours
  • Distance : 3.4 ㎞
This is one of the most popular hiking trails in Bukhansan National Park. This trail starts from the Bukhansanseong Hiking Support Center and leads to Baegundae Peak, which is the tallest peak in Bukhansan National Park. Go past the Bukhansanseong Hiking Support Center, and you’ll reach a forked road that leads to either the Gorge Trail or Nature Trail. The Nature Trail has information boards with information on species so you can learn more about nature. The Gorge Trail and Nature Trail merge at Daeseomun Gate. Go past Bukhandong Village, and you’ll see another hiking trail that leads to Borisa Temple. The real mountain trail starts from here. The trail that passes through Borisa Temple and Baekundae Peak is easy even for those hiking Bukhansan Mountain for the first time. The trail is about 3.4km long, and it takes about two hours from end to end.