1-Day Course

Jungsanni (Kalbawi) Course
  • Travel Time : 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 5.4Km
The Jungsanni Course is the shortest cut to Cheonwangbong Peak. This attracts many visitors.
People are banned from entering National parks at night. At present, Jirisan National Park is open to the public at 3 in the morning during the summer season(April~October), and at 4 in the moring during the winter season(November~March) . Up the road 1.2km from Jungsanni Ticket Booth, there appears Kalbawi (Knife Rock). An hour of hiking from there reaches Rotary Shelter. A few steps further towards Cheonwangbong Peak from the shelter reaches a cozy temple, which is Beopgyesa Temple (1450m), the temple located at the highest altitude of Korea’s temples. Entering the premises of Beopgyesa Temple, coming into a view is Treasure No. 473 Beopgyesa 3-story Stone Pagoda. The view below Beopgyesa Temple offers a cozy atmosphere, albeit not magnificent.