2-Day Course

Guryong Hiking Support Center~Seongnam Hiking Support Center (Mountain Ridge Trail)
  • Travel Time : 10 hours
  • Distance : 23.8km
This mountain ridge trail starts from Guryong Hiking Support Center and passes through Seryeom Waterfall, Birobong Peak, Godeunjae, Hyangrobong Peak, Namdaebong Peak, and Seongnam Hiking Support Center. This 23.8km trail takes about 10 hours from end to end. You need to start hiking from Guryong Hiking Support Center at least from 8:00am in order to reach Guryong Hiking Support Center safely. The trail between Guryong Hiking Support Center and Seryeom Waterfall is gently sloped, so it’s easy for anyone to hike. However, the area between Seryeom Waterfall and Birobong Peak is steep and rugged, making it a difficult hiking trail.