1-Day Course

Samga - Cheondong Course
  • Travel Time : 4 hours 30 minute
  • Distance : 10.8 ㎞
It is the shortest path to the Birobong Peak, Sobaeksan Mountain. It starts from the Hiking Support Center in Samga-ri, Punggi-eup.
A 10 minutes’ walk and you will find a signpost of Dalbatgol and a small village near an open space. Walking along the road to the left of Dalbatgol, you will find houses scattered here and there. From the spot where the pine tree forest is started, you will find it difficult to find a trace of people. In fall, chipmunks are busy collecting pines. After the pine forest, there is an open space. Visitors usually take a rest there.
After the steep path overgrown with trees and royal azaleas, there is a signpost “1,000m above the sea level” and then Yangbanbawi Rock on the right. After a while, you will reach the last tough path of the course, i.e. 200m-long stone stairs. At the end of the course, there is the tomb for Jo Gwang-rae. A 15 minutes’ walk will take you to Birobong Peak of Sobaeksan Mountain, which is called the heavenly flower garden.