1-Day Course

Cheondong Course (Cheondong ~ Birobong Peak)
  • Travel Time : 2 Hours 40 Minutes
  • Distance : 6.8km
It is a representative course between Danyang and the summit of Sobaeksan Mountain. Downhill courses are: 1) Yeonhwabong Peak ? Sobaeksan Observatory - Jungnyeong Pass or Huibangsa Temple, 2) Birobong Peak ? Gungmangbong Peak ? Choamsa Temple, and 3) Birobong Peak ? Hiking Support Center in Eouigok Valley or Samga.
The wide green area near Birobong Peak will make you feel as if you are in a faraway land. Birobong Peak, the summit of Sobaeksan Mountain is a site full of royal azaleas in spring and various wild flowers throughout the year.