1-Day Course

Baekdu Daegan Course 3 (Maguryeong ~ Nujeunmogi)
  • Travel Time : 3 hours
  • Distance : 5.9 ㎞
Maguryeong is a pass between Buseok-myeon, Yeongju-si and Imgok-ri and Namdae-ri, Buseok-myeon. After 10 minutes’ walk along the steep uphill path in the easterly direction, you will reach a heliport, where you will have the first open view after passing Sangwolbong Peak. The part of Baekdu Daegan leading to Seondalsan Mountain comes into view in the distance. A forest of old pine trees spreads from there. Walking uphill after areas of rocks, you will reach a peak with a small open space. From there, a gentle downhill path waits for you, with many trees on both sides. After passing several peaks, you will reach Galgotsan Mountain, where there is a signpost Bonghwangsan Junction.
From there, Baekdu Daegan bends 90 degrees downhill in the northerly direction. After the end of the downhill, you will reach Neujeunmogi. Baekdu Daegan bends to the right after Seondalsan Mountain and leads to Taebaeksan Mountain.
Proceeding to the right from Neujeunmogi, you can find a house to stay overnight in Dukji-gol, Ojeon-ri, Murya-myeon, Bonghwa-gun.