1-Day Course

Baekdu Daegan Course 2 (Gochiryeong Pass ~ Maguryeong Pass)
  • Travel Time : 3 hours30 minutes
  • Distance : 8.0 ㎞
You need to take some potable water at Gochiryeong Pass. After a walk along the ridge, you will find a heliport, where you can have a view of Hyeongjebong Peak and part of Sobaeksan Mountain.
After many repeated gentle slopes, you will reach Minaechi. Looking at the clear trace of olden-day paths there, you will wonder whether there have been frequent exchanges between Buseok, Yeongju and Yeongchun, Danyang.
The path after Minaechi has many ups and downs and steep slopes. After quite a while along the downhill path, you will reach Maguryeong Pass. The path now becomes much nicer. The area belongs to Gyeongsangbuk-do, but the stream there flows in the direction of the Han River. You may feel as if the area is a part of Chungcheong-do or Gangwon-do, rather than Gyeongsangbuk-do. That is Namdaeri located beyond Maguryeong Pass.
To find a place to stay overnight after Maguryeong, you will have to go up to Buseok-myeon.