1-Day Course

Jungnyeong Course (Jungnyeong Pass ~ Yeonhwabong Peak ~ Birobong Peak)
  • Travel Time : 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Distance : 7 ㎞
Moving along the National Road No. 5 from Danyang in the direction of Yeongju, you will reach 696m-high Jungnyeong Pass at the top of the many-curved uphill road.
A two and half hours’ walk from the pass will take you to Yeonhwabong Peak, where there are an observatory, an overlook and a path for natural observation. The uncontaminated nature and the wild flowers there are a quite a sight.
The course is also part of the Baekdu Daegan (referring to a continuous mountain-range ridge-line from Baekdusan Mountain in the north down to Jirisan Mountain in the south). Along the path, there are many signposts for explanation about nearby surroundings, overlooks and rest places.