1-Day Course

Baekyangsa Temple~Naejangsa Temple Course (Ridge Trail)
  • Travel Time : 7 hours
  • Distance : 10.9㎞
Walk about 20 minutes on a steep trail that starts from Baekyangsa Temple, and you will see Yaksaam Temple. Past Yaksaam Temple and Yeongcheongul Cave is a steep set of steps that will take you to Hakbawi Rock and Baekhakbong Peak. There, you will have a panoramic view of Baekamsan Mountain. Follow the ridge trail up to about 10m short of Sangwangbong Peak and go right to meet the path that will take you to Sunchang Saejae. Walk about 2 more hours and you will reach Kkachibong Peak. Naejangsa Temple is located about 2.4km from this peak.