2-Day Course

Georim Course [Jirisan]

Georim means “a valley of gigantic forests”. The path from Georim to Seseok is 6km long and takes 3 hours to walk. The course is relatively gentle, being one of the easiest and shortest hiking courses in the vicinity of Jirisan Mountain. The hiking path from Georim Village to Bukhaedogyo Bridge is g ...

Jongju (Traversing) Course [Jirisan]

The best hiking course of Jirisan Mountain is the traversing course. The course, which stretches for 25.5km from Nogodan in the west to Cheongwangbong in the west, usually takes 2 nights and 3 days to cover. The usual “traversing course” refers to the course running from Hwaeomsa Temple to Nogodan ...

Baengmudong Course [Jirisan]

The path from Baengmudong to Jangetomok Shelter is 5.8Km, and takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes to walk. Two kilometers up the road from the Baengmudong Ticket Booth, a gigantic rock rises up in front of a steel bridge traversing the valley. This rock is called Hadong Bawi. A few hundred meters fu ...

Yupyeong Course [Jirisan]

The road from the Yupyeong Ticket Booth to Saejaemaeul is narrow, but the concrete paved road, however, forms a very agreeable forest tunnel. Visitors can also appreciate the beautiful scene formed by Yupyeong Valley and bask in the cozy atmosphere of Daewonsa Temple. Leaving behind Daewonsa Temple, ...