1-Day Course

Namsanjeilbong Peak Course 1 [Gayasan]
  • Travel Time : 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Distance : 2.3㎞
After you pass Haeinsa IC, you will find yourself on a straight road heading towards Gayasan Mountain. Continue straight along this road until you pass Gaya-myeon and reach the entrance to Gayasan Mountain. Visitors who wish to tour Namsanjeilbong Peak should drive slowly while looking for the entrance to the peak.
Refer to the signs on this road and turn left towards the entrance. It takes about 8 minutes by car and 30 minutes by foot to reach the entrance. While walking or driving towards the peak, you will see a water reservoir. Take a short rest here to enjoy the view. The Cheongnyangdong Hiking Support Center is just ten minutes’ away by foot.
After departing from the Cheongnyangdong Hiking Support Center, the first site that you will come across while heading towards Namsanjeilbong Peak is Cheongnyangsa Temple. You must walk about 300m upwards on a cement road to reach the temple. However, please note that the slope is rather steep, which is why this road is called Gohaenggil (‘Road of Penance’).
Cheongnyangsa Temple is the first place at which Choe Chi-won stayed while climbing Gayasan Mountain. You will be able to enjoy the Three-story Stone Pagoda of Cheongnyangsa Temple, which has been designated as a National Treasure, as well as a stone lantern and Seated Stone Buddha.
About 1.2km from Cheongnyangsa Temple, some way along the stream, is a mountain ridge formed of strangely shaped rocks, such as the Gawibawibo Bawi Rock and the Geobuk Bawi Rock.
Naming the rocks scattered along the route according to their shapes is another pastime that climbers enjoy. Namsanjeilbong Peak is shaped like fire. So, in the past, people would bury jars of salt to alleviate the stifling sensation on Dano Festival (fifth day of the fifth month according to the lunar calendar) according to the principles of feng-shui. Finding these jars is something else that visitors to the area enjoy.
The salt jars are buried on the east, west, south and northern slopes of the mountain and at the center of its peak.
The view from the top of Namsanjeilbong Peak is magnificent. You can see Gayasan Mountain, which is located right across from the peak, as well as Haeinsa Temple, which is located at a propitious spot on the skirts of Gayasan Mountain. You can also see a number of peaks that are higher than 1,000m, including Danjibong Peak, Duribong Peak and Gitdaebong peak, which surround Namsan Peak like a folding screen.

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