2-Day Course

Baengmudong Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 5 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 9.2Km
The path from Baengmudong to Jangetomok Shelter is 5.8Km, and takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes to walk. Two kilometers up the road from the Baengmudong Ticket Booth, a gigantic rock rises up in front of a steel bridge traversing the valley. This rock is called Hadong Bawi. A few hundred meters further up the road from Hadong Bawi is Chamsaem Spring, which is the last spring on the way to Jangteomok Pass. Two hours’ hike past the spring will bring you to Jangteomok Shelter, which can accommodate up to 150 people. Baengmudong is a key gateway to Cheonwangbong Peak from the north of Jirisan Mountain.

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