2-Day Course

Yupyeong Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 5 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 10.2Km
The road from the Yupyeong Ticket Booth to Saejaemaeul is narrow, but the concrete paved road, however, forms a very agreeable forest tunnel. Visitors can also appreciate the beautiful scene formed by Yupyeong Valley and bask in the cozy atmosphere of Daewonsa Temple. Leaving behind Daewonsa Temple, a hiking path begins at Yupyeongmaeul (1.5Km from Daewonsa Temple) or Saejaemaeul (5.2Km from Daewonsa Temple). Walking along this cozy hiking road, visitors will reach Mujechigi Waterfall 30 minutes before Chibatmok Shelter, which was thus named because an abundance of Chinamul (Korean leaf vegetable) once grew there. Visitors can stay at the shelter for the low price of 5,000 won per night without making a reservation. Chibatmok Pass is the only place where a spring is available along the Daewonsa Temple ? Cheonwangbong Peak course. Visitors are advised to collect as much as drinking water there before departing for Cheonwangbong Peak.
Visitors can reach Cheonwangbong Peak after passing Sseoribong Peak and Jungbong Peak from Chibatmok Shelter.

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