2-Day Course

Georim Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 16.5Km
Georim means “a valley of gigantic forests”. The path from Georim to Seseok is 6km long and takes 3 hours to walk. The course is relatively gentle, being one of the easiest and shortest hiking courses in the vicinity of Jirisan Mountain. The hiking path from Georim Village to Bukhaedogyo Bridge is gentle all the way along the valley. However, the leg situated 300m beyond that rises steeply, making it the most difficult part of the course. After following a log staircase and crossing the plain a little way, the uphill path starts again, in an area where Mongolian oaks over 100 years old grow in clusters. After passing through the Mongolian oak trees, hikers will come across a cool spring, dubbed Chamsaem. Leaving Chamsaem behind, a big rock (Mangbawi) rises into view from where, on a clear day, visitors can even gaze at Samcheonpo in the southern coastal area. Further up the mountain, Sesoek Pyeongjeon Field, which is one of the ten most beautiful views of Jirisan Mountain, comes into view. Wild azaleas are usually in full blossom there in early June. Seseok Shelter, which was built in 1996, can accommodate up to 190 people.
Traveling a further 3.4km in the direction of Chottaebong Peak from Seseok Shelter, or two hours of hiking, Jangteomok Shelter appears. Built in 1971 as the first Jirisan Sanjang motel, it was reconstructed in 1986 and renamed as Jangteomok Sanjang Motel. The current shelter was reconstructed in 1997 to increase its capacity to 135 people.

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