1-Day Course

Jungsanri (Jangteomok) Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 12.4Km
The Jungsanri Course is the shortest route to Cheongwangbong Peak. As such, it is very popular with many visitors. 1.2km up the road from the Jungsanni Ticket Booth, Kalbawi (Knife Rock) appears. From there, an hour of hiking will bring visitors to the Rotary Shelter, which is capable of accommodating 40 people. Up the road a few steps further toward Cheonwangbong Peak, the cozy Beopgyesa Temple, which at 1450m above sea level has the highest altitude of any temple in Korea, comes into view. The 2km-leg from the Rotary Shelter to Cheonwangbong Peak is very steep, so visitors are advised to take their time on this course. Cheonwangsaem Spring is located about 300m before Cheonwangbong Peak, and has the highest altitude of any of the country’s springs. Two hours’ hiking from Rotary Shelter will bring visitors to Cheonwangbong Peak (1915m), which is the highest peak of Jirisan Mountain. The mountain’s stone marker, whose western face is engraved with Chinese characters reading “Jirisan Cheonwangbong,” indicates an altitude of 1915m. On the reverse face, engraved letters read, "The spirit of the Korean people originates from here.”

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