1-Day Course

Sangwangbong Peak Course 1 [Gayasan]
  • Travel Time : 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 4㎞
Walk past the first gate to Haeinsa Temple and head towards Yongtap Seonwon, and you will see hiking trail on the right side of Yongtap Seonwon. While crossing the Seonyugyo Bridge, walking along the wooden safety fences, and climbing the stairs, you’ll get the feeling of being part of nature. Different flowers bloom in different seasons along the hiking trail, such as dogtooth violet in spring, Impatiens textori in summer, and Viola orientalis in autumn. The hiking trail is flanked by pines, which are one of the most common trees in Korea.
The top portion of Sangwangbong Peak is consisted of rocks, so you should be careful not to slip. On top of Sangwangbong Peak, you can see as a far as Deokyusan Mountain and Jirisan Mountain. It will be interesting to see other peaks of Gayasan Mountain while reading the information sign installed at the top of the peak.

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