1-Day Course

Jeongnyeongchi Hill Baraebong Peak Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 9.4㎞
Jeongnyeongchi Hill, rising 1,172m above sea level, is situated to the middle of the northwestern ridgeline of Jirisan Mountain. According to Buddhist Priest Seosandaesa’s Hwangnyeongamgi (lit. “Yellow Rock Records”), the king of the Mahan Kingdom sent General Jeong to the hill to defend against attacks by the Jinhan and Byeonhan Kingdoms. The hill was named after his surname, Jeong. The path from Jeongnyeongchi to the summit of Baraebong Peak is 9.4km long and takes 5 hours to cover. Hiking up the road 700m from the Jeongnyeongchi Service Area, Gaeryeongamji Granite-Carved Buddha Images come into view. After walking upward for a further 30 minutes, visitors will reach Goribong Peak. Korea’s Baekdudaegan Mountain Range stretches from Baekdusan Mountain to Deokyusan Mountain, Bonghawsan Mountain, Yeowonjae Pass, Sujeongbok Peak and Jirisan Mountain, from which they start at Goribong Peak and are linked to Jeongnyeongchi Hill and Cheonwangbong Peak. Walking along a one-way road for one hour from Goribong Peak, visitors will reach Segeolsan Mountain, situated 1,220m above sea level. And, taking the downhill road from there for another two hours, visitors will reach the Sedongchi, Buunchi, and Palangchi hills. From there, another 30 minutes’ walk will bring them more to Baraebong Peak, rising 1,165m above sea level. This peak is shaped like a monk’s rice bowl turned upside down.

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