1-Day Course

Guryong Hiking Support Center~Birobong Course [Chiaksan]
  • Travel Time : 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 5.7 ㎞
The hiking trail from Guryong Hiking Support Center to Seryeom Waterfall is gently sloped, so it’s probably the best trail to stroll. However, the trail between Seryeom Waterfall and Birobong Peak is steep and rugged, so it’s recommended to those looking for a challenge.
There are more than 1,000 steps on Sadari Byeongchanggil. The 2.7km trail leading to Birobong Peak is one of the most difficult trails in the mountain. However, it’s a great trail to take in any season if you want to enjoy a unique view of trees growing on and between rocky cliffs.
The trail along the valleys stretches about 2.8km. Compared to Sadari Byeongchanggil, there are no man-made steps and you can hike along the valleys.
You can enjoy hiking on both roads if you take different courses when you climb up and down the mountain (Sadari Byeongchanggil and Valley Trail).

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