3-Day Course

Daecheongbong Peak Course [Seoraksan]
  • Travel Time : 16 hours
  • Distance : 31 ㎞
It takes an hour to reach Gwimyeonam Rock after passing Biseondae from the ticket office at the entrance. After Gwimyeonam, you will pass Cheonbuldong Valley famous for the beauty of the changing colors of tree leaves in fall.
The name Cheonbuldong Valley is derived from the queer-looking rocks spreading on both sides looking like thousands of Buddha images. After passing Cheonbuldong, you will see Oryeon Falls, five waterfalls between the valley comprised of perpendicular rocks.
Ten minutes’ walk from there, you will reach Yangpok Rangers Cabin, where you can stay overnight. After the steel stairs above Yang Falls and Cheondang Falls, a steep pass named Muneomi Pass will wait for you before Huiungak.
After the pass, the path on your right leads to Gongnyong Ridge and the left path to Huiungak Cabin. The stream flows in front of the cabin is the uppermost stream of Gayadong Valley. You should get some water here, as there is no potable water available until you reach Daecheongbong Peak.

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