2-Day Course

Gongnyong Ridge Course [Seoraksan]
  • Travel Time : 16 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 22.1 ㎞
It takes 5-6 hours to pass the 5.1km-long Gongnyong Ridge. It is a junction point between Yeongdong (referring to the east of Taebaek Mountains) and Yeongseo (the west of Taebaek Mountains). It is a very rigorous course, with changeable weather and steep paths. You should take thorough precautions as the place is dangerous. As a central ridge dividing inner and outer Seoraksan, it offers an open view of Gayadong Valley and Yongajangseong Fortress of inner Seoraksan and the East Sea and Cheonbuldong Valley of outer Seoraksan.

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