1-Day Course

Hwaeom Valley Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 2 Hours
  • Distance : 4.7㎞
Hwaeomsa Temple was erected by Yeongijonjwa in 544 (the 22nd year of the reign of King Seongwang of the Baekje Kingdom). One of Korea’s ten temples of the Hwaeomjong Sect, its Gakhwangjeon Hall was once decorated with a stone-carved Avatamska Sutra. Gakhwangjeon Hall is a depository for keeping fragments of the stone-carved Sutra destroyed during the Japanese invasion of Joseon, and is the country’s largest historic wooden building. The temple’s large stone lanterns give a precious glimpse into the brilliant Buddhist arts of the Unified Silla period. Visitors can appreciate four National Treasures, namely Gakhwangjeon Hall, Yeongsanhoe Quebultaeng (“Painting of Buddha’s Sermon”), the Three-Story Stone Pagoda with Four Lions, and the stone lanterns in front of Gakhwangjeon Hall; five Treasures, namely Daeungjeon Main Hall, the East-Facing Five-Story Stone Pagoda, the West-Facing Five-Story Stone Pagoda, the Lion Pagoda in front of Wontongjeon Hall, and the Stone-Carved Avatamska Sutra; as well as various local cultural properties and a natural monument (Prunus pendula for. Ascendens, a cherry). It takes about one hour to view all of these attractions. Passing over Banyagyo Bridge, visitors can then take a hiking path to the left.
The Hwaeomsa Temple to Nogodan Peak (1,507m above sea level) course is 7km long, and takes roughly 4 hours to travel.

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