2-Day Course

Gwanmaedo Course [Dadohaehaesang]
  • Travel Time : 4 Hours
  • Distance : 72.83Km
This island is located about 7km southeast of Ha-Jodo Island, and it belongs to one of the archipelagos that form Dadohae. In the past, the island was called Bolmae because birds would take a short break while flying with fish in its mouth. It was renamed to Gwanmaedo Island in 1914 along with other regions in Korea. Most of the seashore is consisted of rocky beaches, except the northwestern part where there is a sandy beach. In particular, there are many high cliffs and sea caves in the southern part of the island. Other nearby islands such as Gakheuldo, Hyangdo, and Bangaseom can be reached on foot during ebb tide. Most of the residents work in both the farming and fishing industries.
The main agricultural products are winter radish, sweet potato, and beans. The main catches include anchovies, yellow corvine, drum, mackerel, and bass. There are also brown seaweed and tot farms. In particular, tot, seaweed, and anchovies are the most well-known local specialties.

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