2-Day Course

Jodo Course [Dadohaehaesang]
  • Travel Time : 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Distance : 76.3Km
There are 154 islands (35 inhabited and 119 uninhabited islands) on the sea off Jodo-myeon, Jindo-gun. It’s the thickest cluster of islands in Korea. The Six Archipelagos of Jodo include Gasa Archipelago, Seongnam Archipelago, Sangjo Archipelago, Geocha Archipelago, Gwanmae Archipelago, and Hajo Archipelago. They’re called Jo-do (Bird-Island) because the islands look like a flock of birds floating on the ocean.
Among them, Sang-Joso (Upper Jodo) and Ha-Jodo (Lower Jodo) are the biggest islands. The administrative offices are on Ha-Jodo Island. A bridge called Jodo Daegyo (510m) connects the island with Sang-Jodo, which is about 400 meters away. Both Sang-Jodo and Ha-Jodo have a mountain: Dorisan Mountain (210m) and Dondaesan Mountain (230.8m), respectively. Just like Gwanmaedo Island has the ‘Eight Great Sights of Gwanmae’, Jodo Island has the ‘Eight Great Sights of Jodo’. The eight great sights were designated by the staff of Jodo-myeon Office and a number of local residents in August 2005. The ‘Eight Great Sights of Jodo’ include Hajodo Lighthouse, Dorisan Observatory, Songarak-bawi (Finger-Rock), Jodo Bridge, Jinjeon Beach, Manbulsang-bawi, Maengseong-ri Jageundal Forest, and Mokneomeo Beach.

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