2-Day Course

Gwanmaedo Course [Dadohaehaesang]
  • Travel Time : (Boat) 1 Hour 10 Minutes
  • Distance : 24km
There are so many things to see in the island that locals had to pick out the ‘Eight Great Sights of Gwanmae’.
The Sight No. 1 is the grove of old pine trees at Gwanmae Beach. It’s widely known as the largest and thickest pine grove by a beach in Korea. The grove is an erosion control forest filled with 50~100 year-old pine trees has an area of 24.5 acres.
The Sight No. 2 is Bangaseom Island located northeast of Gwanmaedo Island. It earned the name Banga (Mill) because a myth has it that a fairy came down from the heaven and used a mill. On top of the island is a rock called Namgeun-seok (Penis Rock) shaped like a male genital. According to a myth, infertile women can be impregnated if they pray at the rock.
The Sight No. 3 is the ‘Kkongdol’ and ‘Dolmyo (Stone Grave)’ where Haneul Jangsa is buried. A myth has it that Kkongdol is a rock dropped by Okhwang Sangje (the highest of the heavenly gods of Taoism) by mistake. On the surface of the rock is a clear handprint left by Haneul Jangsa (Strong Man of Heaven) when he was holding it in the air.
The Sight No. 4 is a cave called Halmi Jungdeuraengigul where locals say an old female goblin shows up on rainy days. Torches go out in the cave probably because of lack of oxygen, and a strange sound can be heard deep inside the cave. No one knows how deep the cave is because no one dared to go all the way into the cave.
The Sight No. 5 is ‘Haneul Dari (Sky Bridge)’, which is a straight crevice in the middle of a rocky cliff.
The Sight No. 6 is Seodeulbagul Waterfall. Locals believe that skin diseases can be cured if you cook and eat rice here, and take a shower under the waterfall on Baekjung, or the Buddhist All Souls’ Day on July 15th in the lunar calendar.
The Sight No. 7 is Dariyeo. It can be reached by foot 4~5 times a month during ebb tide.
The Sight No. 8 is Haneuldam (Byeorak Bawi, or Thunder Rock). One side of the island is a cliff.

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