1-Day Course

Yangpok Course [Seoraksan]
  • Travel Time : 3 hours 50 minutes
  • Distance : 6 ㎞
After starting from Sogongwon Park and passing Iljumun Gate, you reach Biseondae (the platform for flying immortal spirit). There are two paths leading to Daecheongbong Peak from there. The two paths offer conspicuous different in terms of the distance, the time taken and rigorousness.
Going up higher after passing Biseondae, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cheonbuldong Valley. You will also see Ambonguri Peak standing as an imposing figure between Biseondae and Yangpok Falls. The peak is also called Gwimyeonam Rock. In the past, it was also called Geonmundaji or Geonmundang, as it stood at the entrance of Cheonbuldong Valley.
Walking along Cheonbuldong Valley and passing Oryeon Falls, you will reach Yangpok Shelter about 7km away from Seorakdong. It is a shelter for visitors built ahead of the others in the mountain. Yangpokpo Falls about 30m from the shelter is located between Oryeon Falls below and Cheondang Falls above. The names Yang Falls and Eum Falls are associated with their locations, i.e. the former being exposed to outside and the former being hidden inside the valley.

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