2-Day Course

Geomundo Baekdo Course [Dadohaehaesang]
  • Travel Time : (Boat) 3 Hours
  • Distance : 114km
Baekdo Island is located about 28km from Geomundo Island. It earned the named Baekdo (Hundred Islands) because people thought there are more than 100 islands. But actually, it’s an uninhabited archipelago with only 39 small islands.
The Baekdo Tour on a cruise ship takes about 3 hours including the 1 hour and 40 minutes spent for coming back and forth from Geomundo Island. Baekdo Island has many strangely shaped small rocky islands that seem as if they’re competing with each other to show how strangely they’re shaped. Some of the most well known rocks are the falcon-shaped Mae-bawi (Falcon-Rock), Seobang-bawi (Husband-Rock) that looks like a male genital, and Seokbul-Bawi (Stone Buddha-Rock) with the shape of a Buddha statue.

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