1-Day Course

Saeinbong - Ipseokdae Course [Mudeungsan]
  • Travel Time : 3 hours 30 minutes,
  • Distance : 6.8km
For the hiking course to come up to the ridge from the Jeungsimsa parking area, there are Wunsobong, Saeinbong, and Seoinbong for the three large peaks and it goes through Jangbuljae to come up to the Natural Monument Ipseokdae·Seoseokdae. By viewing the break-taking view of scenery and peak of Mudeungsan, the downtown area of Gwangju can be fully shown and it is a fun hiking path for all.
Starting from Jeungsimsa parking for 10 minutes of steep path to show the first hillock and walking for about 10 minutes more, it has the second vacant space where there are wooden chairs installed. By taking a moment of time for catching a breath, about 20 minutes of uphill to reach Wunsobong. There are panorama view of Mudeungro in far distance along with downtown Gwangju to bring out exquisite and delightful scenery. Walking 5 minutes more from Wunsobong, Saeinbong of 490m above the sea level is reached. Saeinbong has the name that the rock has the appearance like the Oksae of the king and there are many old pine trees to make the exquisite look.
Starting from Saeinbong, a 10 minutes talk along the ridge to come to steep slope and it leads to the Saeinbong Intersection. Straight ahead (1.3km) through Seoinbong will have the path to Jungmeorijae and the left path (1.2 km) is the path to ward Uijae Art Museum. The path to Seoinbong needs to climb up very steep path that sufficient resting is imperative. A part of the rest area has the emergency first aid box to use in times of emergency.
Seoinbong and Jungmeorijae are in very close distance away. Jungmeorijae is referred to the head of a monk where not a single tree grows and this is critical path for the Mudeungsan hiking path. Starting from Jungmeorijae to walk for 20 minutes, it encounters the Yongchu Intersection with the steep slope of the path and the slope of path that leads from the intersection to Jangbuljae is very steep also that it requires resting in the middle of the road.
The path from Jangbuljae to Seoseokdae is not very steep and there are wooden decks to protect the plants around the area that it would be easy way to come up. Ipseokdae and Seoseokdae are the most representative scenic resources of Mudeungsan that they were designated as the Natural Monument No. 465 in 2005 and this is one of the rarest pillar-shaped joints in the world that is currently preparing to register as the UNESCO global heritage. When coming down from Ipseokdae through Seoseokdae, Mudeungsan and Gwangju are in full view and one passes Junbgon to go through Jeungsimsa direction or old path to come down to the Wonhyosa direction.

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