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About the Korea National Park Service

The Korea National Park Service is authorized by the Minister of Environment to conserve natural resources through research and study. Ever since established in 1987, the organization has been in charge of national park management, which involves the installation and maintenance of park facilities and publication of park maps and promotional materials.

The organization manages 21 of the 22 national parks in Korea, as only the Hallasan National Park is managed by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province since it’s located in an island.
Conservation of Park Resources
- Conservation of species diversity and natural ecosystem
- Improvement of the value of beautiful natural scenes and important cultural assets
Protection of Park Environment
- Enforcement of legal rules and management regulations on persons using and damaging the parks
Sustainable Use
- Development of a wide variety of tourist programs and high quality services
Participation and Cooperation
- Creation of a public sentiment on healthy park management and improvement of international recognition