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Kwang-soo Chung
Kyoung-up Kwon

National parks represent Korea’s natural ecosystem, nature, and cultural scenes. They were designated as national parks by the Korean government to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of such natural and historical resources. Including Jirisan Mountain, which was designated as the first national park in 1967, there are a total of 22 national parks in Korea.

These precious resources don’t just belong to our generation, as they must be passed down to future generations.

Ever since established in 1987, the Korea National Park Service has been making efforts to conserve and restore natural resources such as endangered animals and plants, while also developing environmental protection systems and a wide range of tourist services. It’s the only professional park management organization in Korea that has been striving to make national parks a pleasant and safe place for the general public to access.

We at the organization will continue to help park visitors enjoy leisure life by creating the core values of a national park, which are: Love Nature, Happiness for People, Regional Cooperation, and Future Oriented.

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