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Protection of Park Environment

  • - Provision of tourist information, regulation of prohibited activities, park promotion, facility maintenance, accident prevention, emergency rescue, and first aid services.
  • - Enforcement of tougher regulation of illegal activities within the parks such as advance notice, strict control, management of tourist activity areas, protection zones in Baekdu Mountain Range, restricted access to bypaths, and prevention of outflow of natural resources from maritime parks in an island.
  • - Improvement of ecosystem health by through campaigns with the participation of visitors to pick up trash.
  • - Conservation and restoration of core eco ring (Baekdu Mountain Range), and acquisition of private land for the conservation of core endangered species habitat.
  • - Designation of a period for mountain fire prevention, implementation of promotional and education programs, establishment of a cooperative system for mountain fire fighting, initiation of fire fighting training program, installation of modern mountain fire monitoring cameras, and introduction of mountain fire trucks.