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Best Hiking Course

Heullimgol Valley Course The 2.7km-course from the rangers cabin in Heullimgol to Sibi Falls looks like a short course, but i ...
Jongju (Traversing) Course The best hiking course of Jirisan Mountain is the traversing course. The course, which stretches f ...
Daecheongbong Peak CourseIt takes an hour to reach Gwimyeonam Rock after passing Biseondae from the ticket office at the entr ...
National Parks` 100 Scenic Views, It is the Korea`s National Prestige!


  • Seoraksan
  • Bukhansan


  • nature

    • this year's first hoarfrost of the Jirisan National Park
      this year's first hoarfro ...
    • it's quite a good season for hiking~^^
      it's quite a good season ...
    • <i>Hylotelephium ussuriense</i>
      Hylotelephium ussurien ...
  • culture

    • Daenammun
    • King Jinheung's Monument
      King Jinheung's Monument
    • Sinseonam Maebosalbangasang
      Sinseonam Maebosalbangasang
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