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Title Have a Midsummer Night’s Special Memory: Healing Concert in Woraksan National Park
Created By Knps Date 07.28.2015

Welcoming the peak season in summer, Woraksan National Park holds 'Woraksan National Park Healing Concert' on July 31st, a special concert held in an outdoor campsite of a national park, in Songgye car campsite.


For an opening concert, a band from National Central Police Academy will play cheerful band music from 6: 30 p.m. and a fusion percussion performance team will present exhilarated stage. And various and exiting stages including violin, piano, electric cello, and popera are prepared. Anyone can appreciate these stages for free.


Through sophisticated music experiences in the background of beautiful nature of Woraksan Mountain, it will be a precious time allowing you to have a special midsummer night's memory.