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Title Hosting of the International Symposium in remembrance of the 10th Anniversary of Asiatic Black Bear'
Created By Knps Date 08.27.2014

With the coming of the 10th anniversary of an Asiatic black bear's restoration, the Ministry of Environment and Korea National Park Service are to hold the international symposium together with experts at home and abroad at the Ramada Seoul Hotel from August 27 to August 28.

This international symposium was arranged to evaluate the bear restoration result for 10 years after 2004 when the Asiatic black bear begn to be set loose in Nature in earnest and to have a discussion about the follow-up direction of its restoration. 

From abroad, the international experts in wild animals will attend this symposium, and they are currently working at major overseas institutions, such as the International Bear Association, the US National Park Service, San Diego Zoo Geological Survey Wild Animal Center, Smithsonian Preservation Organism Research Institute, the Forest Service in Canada, Beijing University, China, Academy of Sciences, Russia, and Nature Museum, Japan, etc. In addition, about 100 persons including 20 domestic experts will attend this symposium.