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Title A Jirisan Asiatic Black Bear Died from Being Trapped in a Snare
Created By Knps Date 06.10.2014

The Korea National Park Service made it clear that one Asiatic black bear in Mt. Jiri died from being entangled with a snare on the evening of May 31(Sat). The dead individual was a male, which was born to be wild in 2011, has been well adapted to Mt. Jiri. all this while.


It seems that the Asiatic black bear was dead hanging on a tree floundering on the tree after getting its waist entangled in a snare strings in the neighboring mountainous area of Hadong district, Gyeongnam


It is the fifth time that an individual of Asiatic black bear died from a snare since the promotion of Asiatic Black Bear restoration project in 2004. The Korea National Park Service has been continuously collecting unlawful hunting tools, such as about 600 snares and traps every year in order to prevent the death of Asiatic black bears due to illegal hunting tools in Jirisan National Park and its surrounding areas; however, the park personnel said it's actually a long way to go before rooting out poaching.