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Title Notification for opening of IUCN World Conservation Congress Jeju 2012
Created By Knp Date 05.19.2011

In September 2012,
‘World Conservation Congress’, the Global Environment Olympic, will be held at Jeju, a treasure house of living ecosystem.

Since the beginning of its first opening in 1948, World Conservation Congress has become the most influential international congress for solving global-level main environmental problems and especially, opening in Northeast Asia is the first time in the committee’s 60-year history.

The World is facing various environmental problems such as unusual temperature, water shortage, energy crisis and exhaustion of natural resources which makes nobody to be free from the environmental issues.

On this momentous occasion, it is a very meaningful thing to open the event with over 180 government organizations and NGO experts from all the nations of the world for discussing and solving global environmental problems here in Jeju, a land of natural & environmental values and excellent landscape.

With opening the event, various discussions and meaningful progress on the nature conservation are expected and I understand that this time will be a great chance for Korea to introduce its excellent natural heritage and advanced environmental policy of ‘Green Growth Korea’ to the world.   

I expect your active interest and support to make World Conservation Congress Jeju 2012 as excellent environmental event for citizens of the world and turning point for solving environmental problems. 

Thank you.

Organizing Committee of World Conservation Congress Jeju 
Chairman  Lee Hong-gu

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