1-Day Course

Munjangdae Course 2

The hiking course in Songnisan Mountain most favored by people is the Hwabuk (Sieo-dong) → Munjangdae (1,054m high) (3.3km) → Sesimjeong Rest Area → Beopjusa Temple Course (6.9km). It takes 1.5 - 2 hours from Hwabuk to Munjangdae Peak and another two hours to reach Beopjusa Temple. Between the Hwabu ...

Jangseongbong Peak Course

As the name (literally meaning “Great Wall Mountain”) indicates, the mountain looks magnanimous. Walking along the course, you will find an array of queer-looking rocks and those with unique names, i.e. Ippalbawi Rock, Tugubong Peak, Tongcheonmun Gate. The 12km-long rocky course requires your thorou ...

Gunjasan Mountain Course

The name Gunja can be interpreted in two ways: meaning the highest peak in the area or the area where a virtuous person resided there. You should park your car in the parking lot near the pine forest to hike the mountain. Walking uphill for about 15 minutes, you will find the first overlook. From th ...

Cheonwangbong Peak Course

Cheonwangbong Peak commands a nice view. Munjangdae, Gwaneumbong and Myobong Peaks come into view in the westerly direction. Hyeongjebong Peak and Gubyeonsan Mountain are seen in the southerly direction. Rain water flowing down from here in the easterly, westerly and southerly direction joins Nakdon ...

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