1-Day Course

Sinseonbong Course

Sinseonbong Course starts from the Hiking Information Center and stretches along Geumseon Gorge. Follow the signpost that points to Sinseonbong Peak, and you will reach a broad three-way intersection, and one of the roads will take you to Sinseonbong Peak and Kkachibong Peak before ending at the Hik ...

Observatory Course

This is a great course for children and elderly people because there is a cable car that goes up to an observatory located in the middle of Yeonjabong Peak. On the cable, you will see the beautiful but hidden sights of Naejangsan Mountain. When you get off the cable car, you will see a Daphniphyllum ...

Seoraebong Course

This is the most visited course in Naejangsan Mountain. It starts from the Hiking Information Center and passes through Seoraebong Peak (624m) and Bulchulbong Peak (622m) before ending at the Hiking Information Center again. To start hiking, walk up to Naejangsa Temple from the Hiking Information C ...

Jangseongsaejae Course

Jangseonsaejae Course starts from Jeollanam-do Training Center in Sinseong-ri, Bukha-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do and ends at the Ipam Control Center in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do. The trail connects Jeollanam-do with Jeollabuk-do. It takes about 3 hours to cover the 6.5km trail. The trail is rela ...

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