1-Day Course

Woroe Course 1

This course starts from Woroe Park Protection Area and passes through Dalgi Waterfall, the most popular waterfall in Woroe District, Neogu Village, Geumeungwangi Three-Way Intersection, and Janggunbong Peak before descending to Sangui Parking Lot in Sangui District.

Gamebong Course

This trail passes through Jubang Valley and Gamebong Peak (882m) before descending to Jubang Valley. There are three unnamed waterfalls in the valleys of Juwangsan Mountain, which are Waterfall No. 1, Waterfall No. 2, and Waterfall No. 3. It also takes you to Yeonhwa Cave and Jubangcheon where there ...

Jubang Valley Course

Jubang Course is the most popular hiking trail in Juwangsan National Park. It starts from Sangui Parking Lot and passes through Waterfall No. 1, Waterfall No. 2, Waterfall No. 3, and Naewon-dong. It’s located 30 minutes from Waterfall No. 3 in Naewon-dong. You will see lots of strangely shaped rocks ...

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