1-Day Course

Sinwonsa Course 1

This course starts from Sinwonsa Parking Lot and takes you to the ancient temples of Sinwonsa and Gowangam as well as to Yeoncheonbong Peak, which is the highest peak in Sinwonsa District. Walk up to Sinwonsa Temple from Sinwonsa Parking Lot, and you will see lots of historical and cultural relics ...

Donghaksa Course 1

Travel Time: App. 2 hours 30 minutes. Distance (One-Way): 4.4㎞ This course stretches from Donghaksa Parking Lot to Donghaksa Temple and Gwaneumbong Peak, which is the highest peak of Gyeryeongsan Mountain. The hiking path from Donghaksa Parking Lot and Donghaksa Temple is gentled sloped, so it’s ...

Sutonggol Course 1

This 6km-long hiking path starts from Sutonggol Parking Lot. It passes through Sutonggol Information Center, Sutong Waterfall, top of Geumsubong Peak, and Bingyesan Mountain before ending at a parking lot. Go past Sutonggol Information Center, and you will see beautiful seasonal wild flowers on th ...

Gapsa Course 1

This course stretches from Gapsa Parking Lot to Gapsa Temple and the top of Sambulbong Peak. It’s a great hiking course since the trail is along Orisup Forest from Gapsa Parking Lot to Gapsa Temple. There is also an ecological path for visitors to study nature while hiking. It’s a big temple built m ...

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