1-Day Course

Sinwonsa Course 2
  • Travel Time : 4 hours
  • Distance : 9.9㎞
This course starts from Sinwonsa Parking Lot. This long trail passes through the ancient temples of Sinwonsa and Gowangam, Yeoncheonbong Peak, which is the highest peak in Sinwonsa District, Gwaneumbong Peak, Jayeon Seongneung, Sambulbong Peak, and Nammaetap Pagoda, and ends at Donghaksa Temple.
This course starts from Sinwonsa Parking Lot and takes you to
It’s a great course if you want to visit Sinwonsa Temple and see the scenery of Yeoncheonbong Peak, Gwaneumbong Peak, Jayeon Seongneung, and Sambulbong Peak. It’s a beautiful mountain path to take if you want to see the historical and cultural resources of Sinwonsa Temple before taking the long trail. However, it’s recommended for experienced hikers only.